After dinner, we went to Tidsfördriv for a few beers (a few too many, it turns out). We met some nice folks at the bar. Hi, folks!



Jack and I went to Kungsträdgården Saturday evening. We had bratwurst and sauerkraut for dinner.

Sunset over Edsviken

Sunset over Edsviken, as seen from the subway bridge between Bergshamra and Danderyds Sjukhus.


Salsa dancing

Once or twice a week, I take a salsa dancing lesson at La Isla. Friday after the lesson, I stayed on for a few hours to get some practice. It's fun but also quite a bit of work. Here I am dancing with a nice girl named Camilla.

Nils Oscar

An after-work beer with Daniel at Nils Oscar pub.

More Raindrops

Another close-up of raindrops for your viewing pleasure. I find it easy to take close-ups with my nifty little Nikon CoolPix 4500. It took me a while to figure it out, but now I can get a good shot almost every time. Ordinary everyday objects take on an entirely different, otherworldly character when viewed in this way.

Climing @ Klätterverket

Climing at Klätterverket last night. Here, I'm just hanging from the rope to give my arms a rest and to pose for the photo. I was going up the green route at this point; a bit later, I tackeled the purple route to the right. The purple route is on the edge where the wall splits into two sections; the right section has more of an overhang. The grips and their placement require a lot of hanging out to the side. It's tricky but fun. I cheated a bit and used my knee for balance at one point.

A wide shot of the same wall. The girl in this photo is climbing the aforementioned purple route. Fun!

Beautiful Stockholm

Is Stockholm a beautiful city, or what? I snapped this photo from the subway (blue line) as it passed over the bridge from Gamla Stan to Slussen. The photo is of Gamla Stan, looking back toward the Northeast. In the center of the photo, you can see Tyska Kyrkan ("The German church"). Near the left side, just peeking up above the rooftoops, the spire of Storkyrkan ("The big church") is also visible. For information about Gamla Stan's churches (and more photos), take a look here.

Get Fuzzy

If you haven't read Get Fuzzy before, you owe it to yourself to take a look. I think it's particularly funny to those of use who have cats.


Raindrops on leaves

Delight in life's small pleasures! On my way home from work yesterday, I stopped to take photos of raindrops on leaves.

IBM coffee mug

My IBM coffee mug. I bought it for $6 when I worked at the AIX support center in Austin, back in 1996 or so.


Women's conspiracy?

Conspiracy theory of the day.


Purple hippo

This is good for a laugh: it's a purple hippo dancing to the thong song. What more could a person want?


Michael's photo albums

If you're interested in seeing more of my photos, visit the web server running on my Mac at home. It's connected to the net over a cable modem, so it's not the fastest link on the planet.


I am Alex. Hear me meow!


My condo -- third floor, second balcony from the right.

Alex & Sasha out for a walk

Alex and Sasha out for a walk one sunny day last Autumn.

Tobbe's happy

Tobbe is very happy about something.

Texas Steakhouse

Danne and Danne at Texas Steakhouse, a long time ago.



Ye shall know the truth...

...or at least my opinion.