Another yummy curry, this time with fresh red paprika and sliced red and green chilis. Spicy!

The object of Sasha's interest.

Storm clouds and sunshine. This week we've had rain every morning, followed by sunshine in the afternoons.

Sasha watching birds on the balcony.


This evening, I made a nice meal using frozen ground beef (left over from the cookout a couple of weeks ago), curry paste, frozen green beans, a can of crushed tomatoes, and some mushrooms on a bed of basmati rice. The curry paste is Patak's Garam Masala curry paste; it has a delightful taste of cinnamon and ginger, quite reminiscent of a traditional Mexican mole sauce.


It's really raining outside. A proper downpour. Alex, who has been complaining to be let outside all morning, has stopped complaining.


Cookout 2.0!


After the cookout last Saturday, we hiked the long way to the lake.

Daniel thought that the climb was arduous.

But the view was worth it.

We arrived as the sun was going down. It cast a warm glow over the lake.

I went for a litte swim too. The water was quite warm.

Daniel got some good photos.

The evening light was really beautiful.

A hot air ballon came right down over the lake, skimming only 5-10 meters over the surface at one point. It was impressive.

That's it!


BBQ at my place. Fun fun fun!


Fourth of July, 2005

On this July Fourth, I'm proud to be an American. I'm proud not because of the beauty of the land; not becuase of the might of the U.S. military; not becauase of the wealth of her people; nor for their ingenuity, friendliness, industriousness, perseverance or creativity.

I'm proud becuase the ideals upon which the Republic was founded are as important today as they were 230 years ago: ideals like freedom, tolerance, equality, and the rule of law.

Current events around the world and the actions of the sitting U.S. president lead many to distrust or even dislike America. I understand this, because I too strongly disagree with the policies and attitudes of the Bush administration. In many respects the U.S. seems to have lost her way. She has grown too dependent on her wealth and might; too confident in her continued dominance; and far too dismissive of the opinions of friends who have stood by her for decades. There is no other country like the U.S. But if The U.S. abandons the cause of freedom, others will take up the fight in her stead.

If the the U.S. is once again to be a shining beacon of hope for the whole world — as George W. Bush desires — then the country must return to the principles on which she was founded.

A very happy Independence Day to all!


Sunny 1st of July in Stockholm

Today is a lovely day in Stockholm — the sun is shining brightly and the birds are singing. It's the kind of day that makes one feel glad just to be alive. This afternoon I'll help Tobbe & Martina move into their new house. Exciting!