Climbing, Tuesday 29 August 2006

I went climbing tonight with Lisa.

Her friend Matt from England also came. Because there were three of us climbing, we always had a third person to take photos; so there are many more photos of tonight's climbing session than I have been able to capture in the past.

I'll add captions to some of these photos later. Now I just want to get them uploaded.

Under the overhang.

Past the worst part.

Onward and upward.


Pablo Francisco in Stockholm

Sunday afternoon, I went to see Pablo Francicso live at China Theater near Norrmalmstorg downtown.

He was funny, and his routine included about one third new material, including a hilarious immitation of Arnold Schwarzenneger.

After the performance, Pablo stood at a table in the lobby, selling CDs and signing them for his fans.

He was sweaty!

Friends outside the theater.