Bergshamrafestivalen 2006

Saturday afternoon, I took a walk down to Brunnsviken. I intended to take photos of the sunset. The sun was low in the sky and its light was warm and bright.

When I arrived at the biker club near the water, I ran into this mass of people. It turns out that a big festival was underway.

It was Bergshamrafestivalen, an annual event put on by the community of Bergshamra and involving lots of music, food, and drink.

A big stage was set up on the grass in front of the biker club.

Carnival rides like this set of swings were also there.

I bought a bowl of chicken & noodle wok mix at the bar out front. I also went inside and ordered a couple of beers — a great deal at only 25 SEK per 33 cl bottle.

Dogge Doggelito performed there.

As did this band that played a sort of western style Swedish music.

Just before sunset, I left the fetival for a while to go down to the water. I walked around the rocks until I found a good view of the water and sunset.

I met a couple of girls named Sussie and Daniela down at the water. They were swimming near the tall cliffs. They told me that the water was warm, so I went for a swim too.

After I dried off, I walked back to the festival. There I met a neighbor of mine named Sten.

Now here are a bunch of photos taken later in the evening.

||Hi from the Tjurskalle biker bar!

How about these lovely young women? Would you guess that they're daughter & mother. :)

Here are two neighbors of mine that I've seen dozens of times over the past few years, but whom I met for the first time this night.

Bershamra native Carola Andersson was one of my favorites of the musical guests.

The girl on the left is also a Bergshamra-girl.

Cute girls dancing in front of the stage.

Sisters eating cotton candy.

That's all for now!

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