Concert on the grass

Sunday afternoon, I biked down to Gärdet to listen to an outdoor concert at Sjöhistoriska Museet.

It was a rainy day, but the music was beautiful nonetheless.

I met Lisa there and we sat in almost the same place where we sat at the same concert a couple of Summers ago.

Kaknästornet served as a helpful landmark; I biked in the direction of the tower to find my way to the museum.

Despite the poor weather, the field was crowded with folks.

Peter Jöback sang several songs, including a Swedish version of Windmills of Your Mind.

The music was lovely. The only blight on the afternoon's performance was Sissela Kyle. At other times a nominally funny woman, her enthusiasm got the better of her on Sunday. Her brash and obnoxious commentary during the Sound of Music medley distrcted from what would otherwise have been a very nice performance.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was grand though.

After a while, the rain really began to fall, so we donned our rain coats and hunkered down for the last few numbers.

It was wet but not untolerably so.

Afterward, Lisa and I had a bite to eat at the Ethnographic Museum's restaurant.

It was a nice afternoon with good music, good food, and good company.

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