A few updates

I haven't been updating the blog as often because Blogger.com has made it more difficult for me to do so. I usually post updates using Hello, via BloggerBot. But recently, all updates I have posted via Hello have been marked as potential spam automatically by the system. This means that I have to login to blogger.com and manually publish each post after I have submitted it via Hello. It's a tedious and time-consuming process. Why Blogger can't realize that this blog has never had a single item of spam is unclear.

And now, a few updates from Stockholm...

Last Wednesday we had a sudden, short rainstorm here in Bergshamra. The heavy rain came our of nowhere and ended as soon as it began.

And on Thursday I took the cats out for a little walk.

Sasha usually likes to stay in the bushes, but this day she ventured to the top of the fence.

Alex is more adventurous, and can often be found climbing the tress in the neighborhood.

Sasha is such a cutie.

The cats usually don't stay together when they're outside. Alex is just too curious and adventurous, and Sasha is too shy and cautious. But this day Sasha dared to follow Alex around a bit more.

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