A bit of silliness to start the day

Okay, Åsa and Daniel did it so now I guess I will jump on the bandwagon.

It turns out I'm .html:
You are .html You are versatile and improving, but you do have your limits.  When you work with amateurs it can get quite ugly.
Which File Extension are You?


Beautiful sights on the way to work

And now, a few more lovely autumn photos, starting with this photo of the trees near the intersection of Isafsjordsgatan and Kista Allévägen.

Another pretty red leaf.

Leaves on the grass.

A red leaf.

Another oak leaf.

Another red leaf.

This is probably my favorite of this morning's photos. The water droplets on the underside of this fallen leaf are illuminated by glowing diffuse sunlight filtered through a yellow leaf in the background.

More dewdrops on leaves.

Dewdrops in sunlight.

Friday night I joined some colleagues on a boat trip. The boat passed by Waxholm, where I shot this photo.

Here's a picture of Alex in a tree. He got up with ease; getting down was a bit more difficult. He tried to go down front-first, but slipped and fell. Luckily he wasn't very high. He landed on his feet and didn't seem worse off from the experience.


Hässelbyloppet -- 50:54

I ran Hässelbyloppet yesterday and finished in just under 51 minutes. It was a beautiful morning -- a bit cold but at least a few degrees above freezing. The autumn colors on the trees were lovely, and the sun was shining most of the race. It began to drizzle a bit during the last kilometer; that was okay though, because I was quite warm by then.


Pink leaf

Oak leaf

Red leaf

More autumn leaves.

Even more lovely leaves.

A busy bee.

A mushroom.

Yet more leaves.

My neighborhood.

Maple trees outside my apartment in Bergshamra.


I saw this mottled autumn leaf while walking from the bus stop to the office this morning.

There were also some lovely little red berries -- possibly lingonberries.

This spiderweb also caught my eye.

Photos from the 2004 Stockholm Beer Festival

Let the drinking begin! My cowboy hat seems to have a strange effect on people.

Howdy, stranger! Here is Petra doing her cowgirl impression.

Aren't they sweet?

I'll be right with you...

And you're certain these are edible?

The place even had dancing girls! What more could you ask for?

Cute bartenders? Got it covered.

The beer was flowing freely. Okay, not really freely -- more like 1 kr/cl. Each brewery attending the event had its own booth/bar, where one could buy 20 or 40 cl of beer. I tried some nice beers from Maine, the Czech republic and Québec.

Good evenin' ma'm. The name's Big Kev.

It's almost like there's no place a man can have his privacy anymore!

Yeah, baby. It's my car. I call it the Bishop's Finger.

You do realize that your drink is green, right?

Would you hold this for a minute? James and Petra just before falling down.

What a kiss! It must be the hat.

Finally, a self portrait.


Stockholm Beer Festival!

Tonight I'm going to the 2004 Stockholm Beer Festival with Åsa and Daniel. In recent years, whiskey and cider have been on offer as well, but I'm going for the beer. The last time I went was in 2000, just a month after first moving to Sweden. It was fun and I had a nice chat with the folks from the Weltenburger Kloster brewery in Bavaria. Years ago, when I was visiting my then girlfriend Andrea in Germany, I took a boat down the Danube to tour the brewery. I remember that at the end of the tour, our guide (one of the monks at the monestary) sang a brief prayer in the chapel. It was lovely. I don't know if piety plays much of a role in the beermaking, but regardless, the beer is excellent. For a while, serveral of their beers were readily available at the larger System Bolaget stores in Stockholm. I haven't seen them in the stores recently, but of course they can still be ordered from the catalog. I hope to taste some nice beers tonight.