Photos from the 2004 Stockholm Beer Festival

Let the drinking begin! My cowboy hat seems to have a strange effect on people.

Howdy, stranger! Here is Petra doing her cowgirl impression.

Aren't they sweet?

I'll be right with you...

And you're certain these are edible?

The place even had dancing girls! What more could you ask for?

Cute bartenders? Got it covered.

The beer was flowing freely. Okay, not really freely -- more like 1 kr/cl. Each brewery attending the event had its own booth/bar, where one could buy 20 or 40 cl of beer. I tried some nice beers from Maine, the Czech republic and Québec.

Good evenin' ma'm. The name's Big Kev.

It's almost like there's no place a man can have his privacy anymore!

Yeah, baby. It's my car. I call it the Bishop's Finger.

You do realize that your drink is green, right?

Would you hold this for a minute? James and Petra just before falling down.

What a kiss! It must be the hat.

Finally, a self portrait.

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