Adidas Supernova Control shoes

I got some new running shoes for the race tomorrow. They were expensive but they feel really good. The thing like most about them is their good arch support. My other shoes don't provide quite enough support under the arch of the foot, and I tend to get a blister from the resultant chafing during runs longer than 10 km. With any luck these new shoes will eliminate that problem. They're called Adidas Supernova Control. I bought them at Löplabbet for 1100 SEK. Like I said, not cheap. The same shoe can be found for less elsewhere, but the guy at Löplabbet was very helpful so I don't mind spending a bit more. The shoes have some fabric sections on the sole that look like vents. Whether they're actually vents or not I don't know; they could be just decoration. I hope the fabric doesn't absorb water; that could make the shoes heavy. The forecast for tomorrow is for excellent weather, around 20 degrees C and sunny.

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