Salsa weekend on Ljusterö

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Last weekend I went out to Inger's summer place on Ljusterö for a couple of days of good food, good drink, good company, and of course, lots of fun salsa dancing. Inger arranges such a salsa weekend around this time every summer. The last time I was able to go was way back in 2004, when my parents were here in Sweden for a visit. We had fun back then and we had fun this time too!

We arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday and had a nice lunch of pasta salad. Johan and Håkan braved the cool water (in a wetsuit of course) for a bit of wind-surfing. Then we went inside and danced for a while. In the evening, we lit a fire in the grill and made our dinner. After dinner, we danced and danced and danced. Despite the cool weather, we did go for a late-night skinny-dip around 4 A.M. It was nice, actually, considering that we were overheated from several hours of non-stop dancing. We crashed shortly after that. I slept soundly!

_MAL2146.jpg, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

A few brave souls also jumped in the water the next morning to wake up. The water was around 16° C, so it definitely woke did the trick! We had breakfast, danced a bit more, tidied up the house, and then went on our respective ways back to Stockholm. It was a really fun weekend, and I'd like to thank Inger for her work arranging it! I created a new photo set for the 162 photos from the weekend. Enjoy!
Ljusterö salsa weekend 2007.

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