Sunday afternoon at Karbin

_MAL2116.jpg, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

I spent a few hours Sunday afternoon at Karbin, mostly climbing with Elin, Emma & David. I also ran into several other folks there, including Fredrik and his sister Christine, pictured above. I climbed with them for a while, and them climbed a bit with Frida and Ewa.

To capture many of these photos, I attached with a sling to an anchor at the top, and used my 70-200mm lens pointing downward. It takes a bit of preparation, but I have the routine down pat: the camera is on its own sling attached to my harness, and the backpack in which I carry the camera has a carabiner on it so I can quickly attach it to the anchor when I reach the top. It takes only a minute or so to hook into the anchor and prepare for photography.

Here are the thirty-four photos I posted from the day.


Maria said...

Hej Michael! I looked at your pictures from Karbin, really nice ones. I am impressed. :) See you at Karbin some other time.


Michael A. Lowry said...

Glad you liked 'em. See you on the rock!