An afternoon update from Stockholm

This morning I went to the ICA to buy milk for my coffee. While I was there, I bought a bag of lovely potatoes and a package of Nürnburger bratwurst. I saw two older women discussing the merits of two totally forgettable varieties of Swedish “sausage.” I felt compelled to interject and extoll the merits of the real thing. One of them added a pack of brats to her shopping basket. After today, she’ll be ruined for the Swedish stuff. My work here is done.

I am now enjoying a late lunch of bratwurst, mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut. Yum! I trust I can obtain these things in Zürich too. ;)

Speaking of my soon-to-be home, I saw this morning that IBM and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have embarked upon an ambitious nanotechnology partnership. As a part of the project, IBM will construct a new laboratory building at the ZRL campus; when it is built, it will be the largest building on the site. Groundbreaking is anticipated in March 2009. I have no doubt that I will have more to write about this in the future.

This evening, I’m going to join Linda, Lina and some other folks for an evening of film, food, and frolicking in the park. Yes, it’s time for the Stockholm Film Festival. During the festival, a different film is shown each night on a big outdoor screen set up in Tantolunden park on Södermalm. The film tonight is Marie Antoinette. I had originally planned to go to La Isla for salsa dancing; but after six days of physical activity, I opted instead for a bit of relaxation. I’ll pack a picnic dinner, a few drinks, and maybe a surprise for my friends (desert?).

The weather’s been unpredictable lately, with rain showers and brief thunderstorms interspersed with periods of bright sunshine. I hope we’ll have clear weather; otherwise, the ground’s gonna be wet, and so will we. I’ll bring a tarp or blanket to sit upon.

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