"Michael Lowry" ambigram

Ever since reading Dan Brown's book Angels & Demons, I've wondered if it would be possible to reverse my name and end up with a legible ambigram. I finally found a way. I woulnd't have thought it possible before actually putting pencil to paper; but once I started drawing, the solution presented itself. I'm particularly pleased with the ae/Lo combination because it was dificult to design, but ended up looking quite good. I drew the basic design with pencil and paper first, and then copied it into the computer using a mouse.

Incidentally, the ambigrams in Angels & Demons (including the one on the cover) were designed by John Langdon. There are many other sites on the net devoted to ambigrams. Some day I would like to try to design a more attractive version of the ambigram above, perhaps in a calligraphic style similar to the ones in the book.

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