Blog template updated

As I noted a few days ago, I have migrated my blogs to the new Blogger. After moving my blogs over, I initially updated only a few of them to the new templates. These were the blogs that I had not customized very much, so there was less work to do to carry over the customizations into the new template. Now that I've had a little time to acquaint myself with the new templates, I've figured out how to carry my customizations forward.

I upgraded this blog to Blogger's new desgin and updated the template to a variant of Douglas Bowman's Minima Stretch template. The content now fills the entire width of the browser window, allowing more content to be displayed in a given amount of screen area. The blog archive section is now arranged hierachically; and I will eventually add labels to many blog postings to categorize them by topic. I wanted to add these new capabilities and to increase the blog's readability, but I also tried to maintain the feeling of the original design as much as possible.

Blogger's redesign offers a great deal of flexibility. Some folks have made clever modifications, such as adding the ability to switch themes on the fly. I might add new features to my blogs in the future.

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