Recent updates from Stockholm

Last night, I sat down and spent a few hours catching up a bit with my blogging. It has been an eventful week, and I've had my camera with me so there have been lots of photos to upload.

I had a lot of fun at Erik's company Christmas party on Monday night. We had a few drinks at a pub, had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant, and then went dancing at Café Opera.

Tuesday's climbing session at Klättercentret was a lot of fun. Lisa, Matt & Anna were there. KC has completely changed the bouldering walls. Almost none of the problems from before my U.S. trip remain, and the new problems are quite difficult.

Wednesday night, I went salsa dancing at La Isla. I saw lots of friends there and danced with many charming ladies.

Finally, I went for sunset walk near the lake yesterday evening. There wasn't much light, but I took my tripod with me and managed to get a few nice photos by using long exposures.

In other news, you may have noticed that the appearance of some of my blogs has changed. I have updated them to Blogger's new system and have migrated my blogs from my old Blogger account to my Google account. As a consequence of the “upgrade,” it is no longer possible for me to make large batch uploads of photos using Hello. This is because BloggerBot does not appear to allow logins using Google accounts — only old Blogger accounts. Once a user has migrated his blogs, BloggerBot stops working. The folks at Google announced last month their intention to retire BloggerBot permanently by the end of 2006; so I suppose this loss was inevitable. I will try to find a more efficient way to upload photos to the blog. Unfortunately, none of Google's current offerings is as efficient or versatile as the one they're discontinuing.

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