BloggerBot is dead. Long live BloggerBot!

Today, BloggerBot was deactivated. It has been widely known for a while that the end was near, but BloggerBot's final demise is nonetheless disappointing.

Since 2004, I have posted photos to my weblogs using Hello and BloggerBot. The interface made quick work of the job of uploading a series of photos and providing a short caption of each one.

Nothing Google has provided offers the same simple way of uploading photos to a blog. For this reason, I have stopped posting many photos to my blogs, and have started posting them to flickr instead.

BloggerBot was a useful tool, and I'll miss it. I hope the good folks at Google are working to make improvements the remaining systems, so that uploading photos is again as easy as it was with BloggerBot.

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William Kates said...

Great pictures! I was just doing a little surfing to see how others are posting photos to Blogger blogs without Hello/Bloggerbot and ran across your blog (glad I did). I think I'm going to give flickr a try. Cheers.