Feeling much better now.

Yesterday afternoon I skipped a bit of the training that was a repeat of trainging I took a few months ago. Instead, I took a nice 2½ hour nap in my hotel room upstairs (the training is being held in a conference room in the hotel). I rejoined my colleagues for the wrap-up session and drinks later in the evening. I felt much better after my nap. I skipped diner and retired back to my room quite early. I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep, but still managed to get a good solid 5 hours of sleep. Unlike yesterday morning, this morning I was able to eat a nice big breakfast. Today is off to a good start.

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Unknown said...

Yay. Nice you're feeling better.
Say Hi to Amsterdam from me.
Can see that you're going back to Austin, sounds nice to visit family again.
Take care, talk to you soon!