Safe and sound in Austin

I'm in Austin, just about to hit the hay. After dancing with Åsa R. at Happy Feet in Sickla last night, I stayed up until after 3 A.M. packing. Because of this, I got only 3 hours of sleep. This actually worked to my advantage though, because the sleep deprivation allowed me to sleep through much of the transatlantic leg of my journey this morning. There was a one-hour delay in Newark due to problems routing the baggage. However, everything else went smoothly. On the flight to Austin, I sat next to a colleague of Steve's. Small world!

After arriving in Austin, I had dinner at Conan's with my family. Yum! Afterward, I went to my parents' place and watched the Red Sox-Indians game.  Looks like Boston's gonna be in the World Series again this year!

Now I'm exhausted and full of beer and pizza. Life is good. Over and out from Austin.


Åsa said...

Coolt att resan gått bra :-). Ha en härlig US vistelse så ses vi om 6-8 veckor...

Jill Douglass said...

Welcome! We're planning on firing up the chimenea tonight. Can you join us? I'll make you dinner too!