First night in California

Greetings from Santa Clara! I flew into San Jose airport earlier this afternoon. Ethan picked me up and drove me to his home, where my parents and Kelly were waiting. Of course, I got to meet my lovely new niece Evelyn too. She was mostly asleep, but for a few minutes I held her in my arms. I also helped change her diaper — Fun!

After a while we all started to get a bit hungry, so we went to the Trader Joe’s store in Sunnyvale to buy some groceries, including a few bottles of “Two Buck Chuck,” a California Chardonnay I've tasted and that's quite okay. I also threw a tub of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the shopping basket. I'll enjoy that later.

Now I gotta run. Evelyn is awake and in good spirits. It's time to go introduce myself!

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