One day by the Bay

This morning I awoke around 8 o’clock and fixed a pot of coffee in Ethan & Kelly’s percolator. Ethan headed off to work at Apple and I stayed behind to enjoy my coffee. Kelly and I watched a bit of television until it was almost time for Evelyn's check-up appointment. She got a clean bill of health. I dropped Kelly and the baby off at home and then joined Ethan for lunch at the Apple campus. We ate at “Macs Café,” the main company cafeteria. I had a delicious barbecue chicken burrito with black beans and guacamole. Oh, and I saw Steve Jobs in the burrito line. It took him a while to place his order. He is particular with details when it comes to burritos too, apparently.

Speaking of attention to detail, I picked up some goodies at the Apple company store, including the exquisitely designed Apple keyboard.  The thing looks like it's made from a solid piece of aluminum. Simply brilliant. The wireless one is even prettier. Unfortunately, it's not available in a full-sized version.

After lunch, I drove up to San Francisco for a few hours. I took some photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, took a walk on Baker Beach, and then took a drive through downtown. After I came back to Santa Clara, we ordered a pizza for dinner and watched “The Producers” on TV.

Evelyn was a little angel the whole night, mostly sleeping or nursing. Now it's time for bed. It's been a full day and I'm flying back to Texas around lunchtime tomorrow.

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