Heading back to Stockholm

After a quick week in Texas, I’m about to return home to Stockholm again. The memorial service for Etha this morning was quite nice. My uncle, my brother, my cousin and I said a few words about Etha and the important roles she played in our lives. It was very moving to see so many people there. After the service, we met for a luncheon at Lorn’s niece’s home, a lovely modern house near Love Field. And later in the evening, the close family met at my aunt Melanie’s home for pizza and reminiscing. We watched some of the old family movies from 50 years ago. Lorn told us he took the 16mm movies on expired film, because that was all he could afford at the time. A few minutes ago I said my goodbyes to Evelyn Marie Lowry, my adorable niece. She will probably be walking and talking the next time I see her, so I wanted to enjoy every last minute I could with her.

My flight to Newark leaves from DFW at 09.45 tomorrow morning. From there I’ll catch the connecting flight later in the afternoon, arriving in Stockholm early Monday morning. I’ll be glad to be home, even though I will miss my family here.

Ok, time to hit the sack. I have to get up early tomorrow.

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