Safely in Austin

After an pleasant and uneventful journey, I arrived safely in Austin a few hours ago. I watched the last half of the Super Bowl game with my parents, and Pat and Curt. It’s good to be here with my loved ones, but it also feels a bit odd. I had not planned this trip, and did not expect to find myself back in Austin only six weeks after my last visit here. I suppose I’ll adjust within a day or so. Ill probably get over jet-lag just in time to go back. In a few moments I’ll go to bed. I’m quite tired. It’s 04.30 now in Stockholm, past even my late bed-time.

I spoke briefly with my grandfather Lorn on the phone tonight. He sounded good, if a bit tired. I’m looking forward to seeing him in Dallas in a few days. It’s a sad occasion, but it’s also a time for the family to come together in mutual support.

That’s all for now. More soon.

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