Today is Walpurgis Night, or Valborgsmässoafton in Swedish. I will join a bunch of Swedes for a little barbecue down by the lake. It seems like it’s going to be a nice big group—perhaps 50 or 60 people in all, including rowers and other members of the club; students, and also some au pairs. Last year Valborg came and went without a celebration here; so this time I took it upon myself to organize something. There’s also a party at a disco in town later on, but I want to enjoy the day tomorrow, so I think I’ll skip that.

I was at the boathouse last night too. After an excellent and intense bouldering session at Minimum, I went to Nordiska to relax a while in the sauna. It’s just a few minutes away by bus, so it’s very convenient. I think bouldering & sauna will become a tradition for me. After warming up in the sauna, my friends and I ran down to the lake for a quick swim. The water was much warmer than last week. I’d say it was around 15° C last night; last week it was closer to 8° C. As we stood on the dock relaxing and enjoying the reflection of the city lights in the water, the moon began to rise from behind the hills across the lake. It was a dark crimson-orange, a color I have seen it on only one or two other occasions. I wish I had had my tripod with me; it would have been an impressive photo.

Ok, time to wrap up a few more things at the office before leaving for the weekend.

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