Being back in Austin has been an interesting experience. It's good to be back among framily and friends, and I feel comfortable navigating the city. Despite having lived in a foreign country for more than four years, I can quickly blend in when I get back "home" to Austin. But the odd thing is that Austin doesn't quite feel like home anymore. It does and and it doesn't. I feel at home in both places, but totally at home in neither. It's an odd feeling. When I drive around familiar places in the city, I feel homesick for them because I know I'll be leaving soon. But at the same time I feel homesick for Stockholm and the people and places there. Being an expatriate can be rewarding, but also confusing.

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Åsa said...

Det låter som du har det trevlig i Texas! God Jul och Gott Nytt År! Vi hörs nästa år..hehehe