Safe and sound in Austin

Yesterday I flew from Stockholm to Austin, to visiy my family for the holidays. When I arrived at the gate at Arlanda, I got an upgrade to Economy Flex, where I had a slightly nicer seat and better food than ordinary Economy. The seat also had a power outlet for laptops and so on, but I never got a chance to use it. The flight passed quickly: the food was good and I actually managed to get an hour or so of sleep. I also watched the new remake of The Manchurian Candidate. It was okay. O'Hare was uneventful. The flight from Chicago was quick and smooth. Ethan's girl Kelly picked me up at the airport and I joined the family for dinner. Tonight we're going to David Hill's party, which is usually quite fun. This afternoon I'll try to go running for an hour to keep up my training regimen.

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