My 33rd birthday party

Here are some snapshots from my 33rd birthday party last Saturday.

Here I am in the kitchen fixing hamburgers for the crowd.

Lotta puts the icing on the cake. Heck, Lotta is the icing. She's so sweet. ;)

This photo is a testament to the raw talent the photographer has for catching everyone at his or her best. My colleagues gave me a USB Skype phone. I tested it, and it works great.

Maud gave me a nice care package for working late nights: some homemade ANZAC biscuits, a porcelain mug decorated with the artwork of Austrialian artist Jan Austin, and a USB-powered cup warmer. Great stuff!

Lisa and Lotta are great help in the kitchen!

The cake.

Dinner time at last.

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Åsa said...

Tacka för smarriga burgare :-) och god tårta :-)