Bright and sunny Monday morning

It's almost eight o'clock in the morning here, and the sun has risen. It's bright and sunny now, but the weather forecast calls for overcast skies as a low pressure front moves in from the North Sea.

I'm having a cup of coffee and watching the morning's news on TV.

My weekend was very busy. Friday night I went climbing at Karbin in the Southern part of Stockholm. There, I participated in a bouldering competition and had a great time. My back didn't give me any trouble, and it seems that the muscle problem I had last week has gone away completely now.

I posted more photos from Karbin on my climbing blog, Hit the Rock.

Saturday and Sunday I spent most of the time with Matt & Lisa. Saturday we went biking.

More photos of our biking excursion can be found on my biking blog, Pedal Power.

Now it's time to get ready to go to work. This week I'm teaching a course at a Pulsen Education, whose offices are located in a 100-year-old villa that's within walking distance from my home. The building has been completely renovated inside to a very high standard, with hardwood floors, seamless floor-to-ceiling glass interior walls, and spot lighting. It's a very nice office and I'm sure I'll enjoy teaching there. I'll post some photos later.

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Ohlalla...I'm going to look at a bike tomorrow...