Sunday with Lisa & Matt

Sunday I joined Lisa and Matt in the Old City, Gamla Stan, where we sat outside at a cafe.

We had a nice view of Stortoget.

Stockholm was founded by Germans, and traces of the city's German heritage can be seen on many of the buildings.

Skomakargatan (probably not coincidentally) is the street leading up to the building where the cafe resides. The cafe bears the name Schumacher on this wroght iron sign. Skomakar and Schumacher are the Swedish and German forms of the English name Shoemaker.

Lisa took this nice photo of me.

She also smiled for this photo.

Matt put on a more skeptical face. :)

When the hot chocolate arrived, he cheered up though!

We took a walk around Gamla Stan. Here is the German Church.

The sun is setting earlier every day; so even at half past three in the afternoon, the sun cast long shadows on the cobblestone streets of the Old City.

I like the way the light of the setting sun falls upon the sides of the buildings.

The cobblestones shone in the sunlight.

Despite the relatively warm and sunny weather, there were not many tourists or locals about. The weather forecast had called for overcast skies and rain, so perhaps people stayed home rather than walking outside and checking the weather for themselves.

We attended a free concert at Tyska Kyrkan.

This was my first time in the old church. It's quite lovely inside.

Looking Southwest from Gamla Stan toward Södermälarstrand.

Walking up the hill on Södermalm.

Gamla Stan as seen from the cliffs above Södermälarstrand.

Lisa & Matt.

Yours truly, looking pensive.

And one more slightly less posed shot.

Norrmälarstrand, across the lake on Kungsholmen.

More sunlit buildings.

Walking across Götgatan.

The second Lamborghini Murcielago I've seen in Stockholm recently.

It was parked around the corner from Mossebacke, where I took Ethan for his first beer in the city when he visited me a couple of Summers ago.

Matt, Lisa & I had a drink there too.

Then we went back to Solna and did some grocery shopping so that Matt could make us some authentic shepherd's pie.

This cute collie was standing outside the ICA, patiently waiting for his owner to finish shopping.

At Lisa's place, we all helped with fix the meal, Matt's excellent shepherd's pie.

The first time I can remember having shepherd's pie was when I was five years old. It was served quite often at the preschool I attended at First English Lutheran church near the University in Austin.

Lisa opened a raspberry-flavored Belgian beer to accompany the meal. It was sweet — almost like a soft drink.

Smaklig måltid!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lovely sunday :-)... very nice pixs!

Jill Douglass said...

You never mentioned the gal seated next to you.