Bloggerbot is going away soon

This morning, BloggerBot presented me with the above message, informing me that “Bloggerbot is going away soon.” BloggerBot is my primary method of posting photos to my blogs. BloggerBot lets one post photos quickly and easily via the excellent picture-sharing program, Hello. It's faster and has fewer limitations than the “Blog This!” feature Google suggests as an alternative. The “BlogThis!” feature has several annoyances that have, in my opinion, precluded its more widespread adoption:
  1. The “Blog This!” window that pops up takes over the whole screen when it's in use, blurring everything else in the background. I'm sure this is meant to be cool and high-tech, but it's actually quite bothersome. When I post to a blog, I may start the post, switch to another window to find a link or to copy some text, and then come back to writing the post. I don't want my style of editing to be dictated by the program.
  2. “Blog This!” allows one to post a maximum of four photos at a time. BloggerBot imposes no upper limit of which I am aware. It is possible to post multiple times to post more than four photos, but this means multiple blog entries. If I want to post all the photos in a single entry so that they all appear in the desired order, “Blog This!” doesn't help.
  3. When one activates the “Blog This!” feature, the window takes too long to load. The delay is made worse if one wishes to post to a blog other than the one to which one posted the last time. The window content appears to be loaded over the net, so the interface doesn't have the immediacy and responsiveness of Hello. With Hello, one can begin posting as soon as the Hello window appears. No one likes waiting twenty seconds for a dialog box to appear.
I trust that Google is working to address these limitations of Picasa's “Blog This!” feature. I only hope the problems have been resolved before BloggerBot is retired. Otherwise, BloggerBot will be sorely missed.

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