MRI data

Today I went to the hospital and picked up a CD containing the data files produced during last week's MRI scan of my knee. Naturally, the CD included a viewer program for Windows but no program for Mac OS X that could open the DICOM medical image files contained on the disk.

I performed a search for “DICOM” on MacUpdate.com and quickly found Madena X, a handy program that appears to be made for radiologists and physicians. It not only displays the images; it displays them in the proper arrangement and lets the user navigate through each series graphically. Furthermore, the program shows any other information stored in the files, such as patient name & date of birth, hospital name, date, type of equipment used, and so on.

Here is a midsagittal view of my right knee.

Pretty cool, eh?


Åsa said...

So whats the verdict on the knee? Amputation? ;-)

Michael A. Lowry said...

I still haven't heard back from the orthopedic specialist. I don't think amputation is indicated — yet.