Sport climbing at Häggstaberget

Åsa R. climbing Häggstaberget
_MAL6800, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

On Friday I joined Åsa R. for a bit of cliff-climbing. We biked from Tullinge station out to Häggsta, a bit North of Flottsbro, where I went mountain biking last autumn. We parked our bikes at the foot of the cliffs and Åsa hiked around to put the rope through a ringbolt at the top of the cliff. We climbed several routes up the rock, moving the rope to another ringbolt twice.

After a few ascents, we sat in the afternoon sunlight and had a little fika of coffee and sandwiches. Despite the warm sunlight, it was just a few degrees above freezing outside, so the warm coffee helped a lot. After our snack, we made a few more climbs before biking back. Åsa lives in the neighborhood, so Häggstaberget is her “home mountain.”

This was my first time in more than a decade to do any outdoor sport climbing. I think I'm hooked! Here are the 30 photos from the day.

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