Cliff-climbing at Vårdberget with Åsa R. & Sylvia

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On Saturday I joined Åsa R. and Sylvia for some excellent climbing at Vårdberget, a 30-meter-tall cliff near Fituna, out near Nynäshamn.

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We started out around 13.00, and climbed until after 21.00. It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect! The cliff has a good selection of routes, all with a sturdy ringbolt at the top for a top-rope. There's a path up around to the left of the cliff, so we walked up to the top and belayed from there. The view from the top was lovely. The cliff faces to the West, so the sun shone on us all afternoon.

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It worked well having three people. We took turns climbing and belaying; and the third person could either rest or take photos. For some of the best climbing shots, Åsa and Sylvia rigged up a sling so they could hang out over the edge of the cliff and shoot downward.

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The climbing is quite varried. There are lots of cracks going up the cliff, from big ones you can put your whole body in, to small ones that you can barely fit your fingers in. The last routes I climbed were of the latter variety, and quite challenging. At several points, it was necessary to put both of one's hands in the crack and lean one's body way out to the side just to get a good angle to make the grips work.

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After we had exhausted ourselves climbing, we rappelled down with our equipment and then went down to the shore, where Sylvia and I mustered the courage to take a quick swim in the 8° C water. The sun was still up, so once we were out of the water, we warmed up quickly on the rocky beach.

There were so many good photos that I posted a total of 175 photos from the day!

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