The summer’s first dance at Vanadisbadet

_MAL5453.jpg, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

The Club Salsa guys who arrange the Sunday evening salsa dances at Container during the rest of the year hold the same event at Vanadisbadet during the summer. Sunday night was the first such dance of this season, and I was there.

It was cool and a bit windy after the sun set, but a few dances solved that problem. It's actually nice to dance when the air is cool and breezy, because one stays cool, and doesn't get drenched in sweat.

I met this guy last night. His name is Mwisa and he comes from Zambia. He is studying in Uppsala, and teaches salsa lessons in his spare time. He said that the salsa dancing is better in Stockholm, so he often comes down from Uppsala to spend the weekend here. Above, Mwisa dances with Linda.

Here are all the photos from the evening's dancing.

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