I’m voting for Obama

Barack Obama LogoToday I decided to cast my vote for Barack Obama.
In addition, I donated 100 USD to his campaign — the first time I’ve ever made contribution to a political campaign.

Senator Obama is the first presidential candidate from any party who has inspired me. He has intelligence, compassion, humility, and eloquence. These are qualities that have been sorely lacking in the White House in the past seven years. We also need a leader who is capable of inspiring the nation. I believe Obama has this capability.

I respect and admire Senator Hillary Clinton, but I decided not to vote for her for two simple reasons:
  1. I find the Clinton style of campaigning distasteful — changing position based on the latest polls, making untrue insinuations about opponents, and conveying a sense of entitlement — all these things simply turn me off; and
  2. I just think Obama stands a better chance of beating Senator John McCain in the general election. A new TIME poll supports this intuition.
Barack Obama has managed to reach young people in a way no presidential candidate in recent history has. The Obama website shows how in-tune his campaign is with the younger generation. It’s reminiscent of a social networking site like Facebook. You can create your own profile (mine is here), meet fellow Obama supporters, invite others to the cause, and even get help with grass-roots organizing and fundraising. I obtained the logo above from the campaign website’s resource library.

The Democratic presidential primary election in Texas will be on 4 March, and because I will be back home in Stockholm by then, I will cast my ballot by mail. I encourage anyone who has not already done so to visit Senator Obama’s web site and learn more about him.


Shmuel said...

Me too.

smaggi said...

My favorite name for the Clinton campaign is Billary since Bill is part of the package.

Anyway, here's why I'm sick of HIlary and I will "waste" my vote on the Greens for the third time.

1. She was a Goldwater supporter when she was younger. Anyone with half a brain knows where that old goat stood on civil rights so I really doubt she went to see MLK speak.

2. She claims to be the protector of the "little people." Really? When she moved to LIttle Rock with Bill, she worked for the law firm that defended the interests of Arkansas corporations such as Tyson and Wal Mart.

3. She won't apologize for giving the worst president ever unchecked power to invade Iraq. She gives some excuse of him duping her or something weak.

4. Hilary again says she's out to protect our rights. The why does she have Mark Penn on her staff? This man is a notorious union buster which is why Obama rec'd the endorsement of the Service Workers Union.

Sure Obama is "inexperienced" but what that really means is he lacks a trail of slime as long as Washington vets, aka Hilary and McCain, showing how they've screwed us over with their "straight talk." Besides, the country elected an Illinois lawyer with only two years of Congressional experience and it worked out pretty well.

I really want Obama to get it, then he beat the crap out of old man McCain; who'd be older than Reagan if he becomes president. It's time for the Baby Boomer generation to get out of the way since they're the status quo and all they've given America for presidents are Bill Clinton (mediocre at best) and George W. Bush (the worst ever).