My new office

Here's a panorama of my new office at the headquarters of IBM Sweden. The building is loacated in the woods on a hill overlooking Kista (a suburb of Stockholm). Out my window I have a view of the outdoor break area next to the cafeteria; so while I work, I can watch all the cute girls sitting outside in the sun while they sip their coffee. On the windowsill to the left (just beyond the edge of the photo) is a "KVM" switch that allows me to control four different servers (Solaris, AIX, Linux, and Windows) using the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Three of these servers are in a storage room a few meters to the right of my desk. This is nice because it gives me more room and reduces the amount of noise in the office.


daniel said...

Cool new cubicle. :)

Åsa said...

you are not allowed to take photos inside ibm..;-)