Eva Solo kitchen timer

I finally bought the Eva Solo kitchen timer that I've been looking for since I first saw it mentioned on Engadget a few months ago. I purchased it at Nordiska Kompaniet on Saturday while doing some shopping in downtown Stockholm with my parents. NK has an expansive kitchen department, but it's not cheap. This little item set me back 200 SEK.

Still, I suppose one must have a little luxury now and then. The timer is a stainless steel cylinder on a magnetic black rubber base. The surface of the steel cylinder is brushed on the top and polished on the rim. Minute indicators from 0 to 55 are printed along the rim. The design is simple and elegant. To set it, one simply twists the steel cylinder clockwise. There is a small rasied portion of the base that indicates how many minutes are left.

I think it fits in well with the many other stainless steel items in the kitchen. If I ever get around to renovating the kitchen, I'll probably replace the hood over the stove with one in stainless steel. My dream kitchen would also have a stone (or artificial stone) countertop, an induction stove and oak cabinets with halogen spotlights underneath.

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