We had a nice breakfast this morning in the corner table at the dining hall in the Kviknes hotel.

The hotel was built in 1910, and it was (at least at the time, the largest wooden building in Europe). It's very charming.

The quay had fishing boats moored this morning. In the background you can see the city "center" of Balestrand and beyond, a small branch of the Sognefjord.

In the afternoon, we packed a little lunch and took a hike up in the woods behind Balestrand.

Before we even got to the woods thoug, we walked through Balestrand. Isn't that clever? I'm jumping forwards and backwards in time. I guess I wasn't clever enough to post these chronologically.

Ok, back in the woods. it was a warm day so we didn't go far before it was time to break for lunch.

We stopped at a little picnic area near an intersection of hiking trails.

Here mom enjoys a Ringnes pilsner bought tax free at the Oslo airport. So there, Norwegian alcohol taxes!

The views of the fjord were impressive.

At the trailhead of the "red" trail — the one that goes to the peak of the nearby mountain, I left on my own.

The higher I climbed, the better the views became.

At first the trail was nice and shady.

Here's a view of Balestrand. The hotel is the long building near the end of the peninsula.

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