Mom in front of a waterfall where the train stopped to let folks take photos.

Dad in front of the same waterfall.

Another shot of the cute village, taken from the Fl�m railway.

The river ends at Fl�m...

where it empties into the Sognefjord. Some English tourists were kind enough to take this photo of me. Mom & dad were in line for the express boat.

In addition to our small catamaran boat, there was a huge P&O cruise ship out of Southampton, UK.

The wake of our boat. We clocked 33 knots on the way from Fl�m to Balestrand.

The captain slowed down so folks could take photos of this nice waterfall.

There was one ferry in front of us on the way into Balestrand. The Kviknes Hotel is in the background — the old building and the more modern one behind. We're staying on the 6th floor on the other side. We have a nice fjord view.

Mom and dad on the balcony of our hotel room.

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