Mountain biking on Drottningholm

On Saturday I went biking with Lotta in the woods on Drottningholm. We didn't find the path sought until we were already on the way home. But we did find some paths. They varied from easy dirt roads to almost impassably steep and rocky paths. There were some horse trails that were a bit challenging too because of all of the deep hoofprints in the hardened dry mud. The weather was lovely and we sustained only minor bruises and scratches. All in all, it was a very good ride.

Here's another view of the same place. We didn't meet many other bikers on our trek, but we did encounter several groups of backpackers and picnickers.

Here is a snapshot I took from the top of the Nockeby bridge, Nockebybron, on my way back home.


*~*Michelle*~* said...

Beautiful scenery! I admire athletic people...I am so not physically talented in any area!

Åsa said...

Check this out, http://www.rallyprincess.com/ it's mor dangerous to bicykle then doing Enduro or Motocross ;-). She is one of the girls I race with, and I usally beat her :-))