We have to find something new to tax.

Sometimes Sweden really does feel like a foreign country. This morning, for instance.

When I checked my email this morning I found in my in-box a message from one of the human resources folks at the office. She informed everyone that free parking is now considered a taxable benefit by the state. Therefore, employees who park for free at work must henceforth pay a tax on this benefit. The tax is 52% of the fair market value of the parking. So free parking now costs an average of 23 SEK per day (about 3 USD).

If it weren't codified into law, it would be hilarious.

The state is obviously running desperatly low on funds. To help out, I've compiled short list of other employee benefits that the state should investigate taxing:
  • access to the company gym
  • benefits provided by membership in company clubs
  • coffee & tea in the break rooms
  • access to the toilets
  • heating in the winter time / air conditioning in the summer
  • electricity for computers & lighting
  • telephone calls
These are just starting points, mind you. I'm sure that creative bureaucrats can come up with a fair market value for just about anything. Don't let convention stand in the way of progress! Any benefit provided by employers to their employees without charge is fair game.

And why stop there? I belive that a tax on thingy is long overdue.


daniel said...

Mike, don't give them any more ideas! For the love of god! :)

smaggi said...

What's the financial crisis in Sweden for starters?