Skating on Edsviken

PICT0005, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

This afternoon Lotta and I went skating on Edsviken. The ice was quite good, and there was no wind. Although it had been overcast this morning, the sun came out after midday and we had a nice skate around the 18-km track plowed in the snow atop the frozen lake surface.

By coincidence, I ran into Maria on the way. I met her on the bus to Idre last weekend. She lives on the other side of the water from my neighborhood and was out for a walk on the ice. It's a small world!

Lotta had her lovely 7-megapixel Sony camera with her, so I hope to have more photos tomorrow.


Jill Douglass said...

What's the metal rod you skate with?

Michael A. Lowry said...

It has a point at one end, and is used for testing the thickness of the ice. On this day, the ice was sufficiently thick that the spike was not needed; but it's good practice to have it around just in case.