Back from Andermatt

_MAL7593.jpg, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

After a fun and challenging week of skiing, I have returned home to Stockholm. I really need to take a few skiing lessons. I'm good on the groomed slopes, but really weak in powder and uneven snow. I also need to resume biking to keep my legs in shape and maintain my cardiopulminary endurance. Whew!

I took the photo above from atop the top station on Friday. To the left of the rocky crags you can see the right side of the valley where we did most of our skiing.

Snow has been falling in Stockholm since last night, when spent a few hours at Dubliner with Colleen and some of her friends. It was packed becuase of Saint Patrick's Day of course, and there was a live band playing Irish music. Fun!

Today the snow continues to fall in light fluffy flakes. Who knows? Maybe the temperature will even drop below freezing so that the snow can stick around for a few days.

Tonight it's time for a bit of climbing at Klättercentret. I've taken the ice tires off my bike, so I'll either take the bus or do the best I can riding my bike through the wet snow on my normal summer tires.

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