Off to Andermatt!

Well, it's almost time for my ski trip to the Swiss Alps!

Tomorrow morning, I'll join Matt, Lisa & Lotta at Arlanda airport and catch the nine o'clock flight to Zürich, whence we'll take a bus to Andermatt. Matt's buddy from England will meet up with us in the airport in Zürich.

I anticipate an excellent week of skiing in Andermatt. It's a relatively small town, not as famous as Charmonix or Zermatt. There are a couple of ski areas in the vicinity though and I expect there will be more than enough there to keep us occupied for a week.

I hope to find a way to get internet access down there, but if experience is any guide, I might not be online very much of the time. I will of course take lots of photos. Expect to see some of them soon.

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