A great way to spend a Friday

This morning I slept in. After yesterday, it was necessary. During the afternoon yesterday, I climbed with Åsa R., Claes H., and their friend Martin B. at Karbin in Västberga. We climbed a bunch of different routes on the roped routes and then did some bouldering too. Later, after Åsa and her pals had left, I climbed with Maria & Joakim for a while. I met Maria at Karbin about a month ago — probably at the boulder open competition then. Directly after climbing, around nine o’clock in the evening, I took the subway to Zinkensdamm and put in a few hours of salsa dancing. It wasn't the best night of dancing ever. Not quite sure why, but something wasn't quite right about the atmosphere last night. Anyway, I did have a good time and danced with many talented and friendly girls. Because Good Friday is a public holiday in Sweden, the dancing went on longer than usual last night. Whereas they normally stop the music at eleven, last night they played on until well after midnight. So I didn't get home until around one in the morning, and wasn't asleep until quite a while later than that.

So yes, sleeping in this morning was a good thing. After I awoke, I fixed a nice pot of coffee and also fixed my first batch of Krusteaz pancakes. I brought over a ten-pound bag with me when I came back from my trip to Austin in the autumn, but hadn't gotten around to using it until now. The pancakes were perfect — light and fluffy. I washed them down with some pineapple-orange juice, packed my bags, and went straight back to Karbin. This time, I met up wit Linda H. and her friend Anna. They're the ones who went out with me after last month's boulder open competition — lovely and charming ladies, and lots of fun to climb with. Yesterday, I had come very close to completing a 6c+ route of orange-colored holds. Today I was determined to have another go at it, and I did not disappoint myself! It was actually both harder and easier than I had expected. The beginning of this particular route is very challenging, and requires a lot of brute force. The end, however, requires just determination and perseverance. I rather surprised myself by completing it, but was really glad too!

Maria L. and her friends were at Karbin too, and I chatted a bit with them. Maria's identical twin sister Eva studies in Linköping, where my friend Lisa A. also studies. Eva was also at Karbin today, and it was interesting and fun to try to tell the sisters apart. Physically, they look almost exactly the same; but it seems that in some almost imperceptible way, each girl's personality somehow manifests itself in such a way as to distinguish her. Matters of intuition are often hard to nail down precisely. Suffice it to say I could tell them apart after just a little while.

After climbing, I took the subway down to Hagsätra, where I visited Daniel & Jenny L.'s new place. It's lovely, and big — quite a bit bigger than my place. They still have boxes to unpack, but it looks like they're well on their way to having a nice cozy place to call home. Danne and I watched videos and drank beer. Then he fixed some delicious marinated chicken legs. He wasn't totally satisfied with the result of the marinade, but to me, they tasted great. Daniel also sold me about twenty of his American DVDs; he has decided to concentrate on European directors exclusively. Now I just have to find room on my shelves for the new additions to my collection, as well as time to view them all.

Tomorrow I look forward to a nice, relaxing day. I don't have anything planned, save laundry and tidying up.

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