Friday night I went to the Dog & Duck Pub to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I met Warren and Janice there, as well as their friend Laurel. The place was as crowded as I've ever seen it.

There was a big tent in the parking lot and there was live music from several different bands. The beer was mostly Irish beer of course, but I had a few local lagers too.

To get non-Irish beer, one had to go to the bar inside. There were surprisingly few people inside. I guess most people wanted to enjoy the music outside.

I used to go to the Dog & Duck Pub every Friday night with the European Students Association when I was at UT.

Here you can see a small part of the crowd outside the bar. There was a row of portable toilets outside to accomodate the crowds. They were not quite sufficient for the demand.

Lastly, here's the back of the bar. This is where the ESA gang used to meet, way back when. It was here in 1998 that I met Lotta.

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