Drivers license

I picked up my drivers license at the post office today. It's one of the new EU-style licenses. Now I just need to buy a car. Car ownership in Stockholm is particularly expensive. When the expenses for gasoline, insurance, and parking are added up, it can cost 3000 SEK per month to operate a car. And that doesn't include the cost of the car itself, or maintenence expenses. Plus, I'll still need to pay about 600 SEK per month for a local public transport card, because I'll still need to be able to ride the subways and busses. Having a car won't make this expense unnecesary. Considering all this, I'm not sure that I'll even opt to buy a car. I may choose instead to rent a car those few times when I really need one.


Åsa said...

Cool :-) and by the way...a car does not need to cost 3000sek a month!! You are crazy..my little one hardly cost a dime...;-)just the parking then and gas might be a couple of hundreds a month..just uses 0.5-0.6 liter/10k...:-)

Michael A. Lowry said...

Thanks for the tip. Maybe I should get a car like yours. What kind is it?

daniel said...

My car isn't anywhere near that expensive either. About 1000-1200/month if I ride a lot.

The gas, gas, gas is the main expense right now. :(