Sankt Eriksloppet

I signed up for Sankt Eriksloppet. It's a half-marathon (approximately 21 km) on 11 September. This will be my first race of any length, and my first time to run that far. I've run 12 km (around Brunnsviken) several times, and a bit longer once. These days I'm trying to run around 8-10 km three or four times per week and ride my bike for an hour a couple of times per week.

The past few weeks, it has been a bit hard to stick to the regimen. I go dancing at least twice per week and I'm putting in some overtime at work to complete a technical manual I've been writing. After this week the book will be finished and I'll be able to devote more time to training.

Lotta says I should get new running shoes. Perhaps she's right. The shoes I have now are $30 Brooks shoes I've had for years. They're not particularly bad, but I don't think they're really designed for running either.

I know I'll finish the race, but I 'd like to do it comfortably, so I really must keep the training up. The point of signing up for a race is to set a goal and work toward it, improving my fitness along the way. If I finish in under two hours I'll be very pleased.

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