Twice around Edsviken

I rode my bike around Edsviken yesterday afternoon. When I got all the way to Sollentuna, I realized that I had dropped a 500 Krona bill somewhere along the way. I thought I might have dropped it while getting dressed so I kept going around the lake until I got back home. Not finding the money at home, I went around Edsviken again to look for it. I didn't find it. So someone out there is 500 Krona richer now. C'est la vie. At least I was rewarded with nice views along the ride. The sun was just setting as I rode my first lap around the lake; and the moon was just rising as I reached the North end of Edsviken on the second lap. The view of the nearly-full moon across the water was quite lovely. I noticed something during the ride: I have more strength and stamina biking since I started running. Hills that used to be dificult to climb are now easy, and I can keep going strong where before I would have downshifted. It's a gratifying feeling to realize that I'm making progress.

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