I did the skid-driving course this morning. It was fun and informative. I drove a Volvo S40 with the Skid-Car system. It consists of a frame that holds 4 outrigger wheels beyond the car's wheels. Each of these is controlled by hydraullic system so that the instructor can raise or lower the front or rear of the car, simulating the loss of tire-road contact experienced in slippery conditions. I drove both with and without ABS enabled, so that I could feel the difference and practice controlling a skid with both. I think I could benefit from doing this course again so that I could get even more practice. I now have the all-important halkintyg required for taking the driving test.


Åsa said...

Hmmm I thought it's Volvo S40 and not Saab...;-) or saab something else..

Michael A. Lowry said...

Maybe it was a Volvo. Come to think of it, it must have been.