Vika Lauri / Inge table

Inspired by Åsa's purchase of this cool table, I went to IKEA today and bought one for myself. I also got some nice wall-mounted shelves for either the kitchen or the entryway -- I haven't decided yet. It's a miricle that I was able to lug all this stuff on the bus and subway. I'm really looking forward to having a drivers license!
I have put the table in my office at home, and begun the task of rearranging the rest of the office to accomodate the change. The new table is slightly lower than the one it replaces, and therefore doesn't have sufficient room underneath for my nice EFG filing cabinet. I'll either have to put something under the legs to prop up the table, or place the filing cabinet somewhere else. Right now, it's taking up space behind my chair, but it's taking up a bit too much space in my tiny little office (a converted walk-in closet).


Åsa said...

Hallå där!
Du får se till att köpa en matchande Helmer hurts i silver :-)

Michael A. Lowry said...

The drawers make too much noise. :) I'll be looking for some more storage though, so let me know if you see something that would fit.